The Voice of Entrepreneurship for Digital contant
راديو ريادة – راديو عبر الانترنت
Cohort: 2 - Status: Ineligible


The place to listens to entrepreneurs and their affairs, and highlights the formal and informal activities of entrepreneurship and the sustainable social entrepreneurship, and covers the incubators activities and spreading and building the awareness and correct the concept and promote culture of entrepreneurship, to increase, attract and support potential entrepreneurs in rural areas and women and networking entrepreneurs with Donors and investors from all over the Arab world.

And spread the positive through focusing on self-development and being the space for specialists, entrepreneurs and self-development.

Solution stage: Limited implementation
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Sustainability factors

Revenue Streams:

  • Advertising slot and sponsorship of programs in the radio.
  • Mobile radio Adds and sponsors.
  • Selling Content.
  • Mobile APP
  • Social Media
  • Website Adds.
  • Call centers sponsors.

Contact details

Amer Alajarmeh, Founder /GM

About The Voice of Entrepreneurship for Digital contant

Location: Amman
Age: 0 - 2 Year
Number of employees: 16

Expectation from TechAid

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