Aims to change the traditional way of working between the merchants and the financing agencies
Cohort: 3 - Status: Validated


Tamweelna works on ease of use. We are working on an E- Lending
platform between our merchants and our network of financing agencies.
This is a solution for our customers for us to be able to find the most suitable
financing offers available from our network of financing agencies based on
their needs.
Tamweelna focuses on customer needs. Customer needs may vary, from
personal loans to vehicles to education and etc. According on that we work
with clients where our customers will be using their services through our
system plus a suitable financing offer from our network of financing

Solution stage: Limited implementation
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Sustainability factors

Contact details

Jawdat Abu Hussein, Founder-CEO

About Tamweelna

Location: Amman
Age: 0 - 2 Year
Number of employees: 15

Expectation from TechAid

Regulatory Issues:

give us the support from CBJ and from the official authorities to spread more in Jordan and Mena Region

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