Algebra Intelligence
Algebra Intelligence Provides Smart Artificial intelligence solutions in the Energy Sector (Total energy cycle asset management).
Cohort: 2 - Status: Ineligible


TaQTak represents Algebra Intelligence product that provides the end-users with the functionality to interact with Algebra services. It was designed to be a user-friendly so that both technical and non-technical users can benefit from it.

TaQTak gives the user the ability to monitor the energy generation from solar PV systems as well as electricity consumption for consumers. With near real time graphs and tables, algebra clients will be able to have a better idea about their plant performance. Moreover, this will help keep track of any plant issues early enough by sending alerts to the clients in a timely manner.

Solution stage: Widely implemented

Sustainability factors

Algebra has a concrete plan to overcome all difficulties that will be faced in the way of its success through having capable co-founders, a cooperative team, advisory board, committed investors, and good relations with key players in the energy sector. Moreover, Algebra is a lean startup and flexible to pivot and follow the market need and come up with new solutions that can be reasonable to overcome all challenges and threats in the energy sector.

Contact details

Ahmad Altawafsheh, CEO

About Algebra Intelligence

Location: Amman
Age: 0 - 2 Year
Number of employees: 8

Expectation from TechAid

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