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B12 for Microsoft Teams
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With COVID-19 lockdown, schools moved to distance learning overnight. There are very good tools for distance learning, but most them focuses on the Educator-Student relationship. A healthy educational process involves the guardians and school administration. B12 being a school communication platform, created a solution that is integrated with Microsoft Teams (being a leading distance learning platform) in order to automate several technical processes in provisioning MS Teams for schools with limited technical resources. B12 also collects the interactions happening on MS Teams in order to automatically give parents/guardians daily agendas, notifications and reports on B12 mobile app, helping them stay up to date on all their child(ren)’s achievements and responsibilities. Finally B12 aggregate data happening on MS Teams for the school administration in order to monitor the health of distance learning at different levels (school, section, grade, teacher, student…)

Solution stage: Widely implemented
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Alaa Bakhit, Founder

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Location: Amman
Age: 2 - 5 Year
Number of employees: 6

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