The Alchemist Lab- Fun Science Science for extra curricular activities
Blended learning solutions focused on STEM for students and teachers
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Our solution aims to empower a generation of problem solvers in Jordan and the Middle East. We offer STEM blended learning solutions well tailored for individuals and schools that encourage creative and critical thinking with focus on STEM. since establishment in 2012, the company has reached more than 34 K children in cities, villages and refugee camps. WE offered hands on different experiences focused on STEM. In July, 2020, We have launched our online academy with 4 programs focused on design thinking and engineering in addition to teachers training. We aim to bridge the 21 century skills gap in the educational curriculums at schools.

Solution stage: Limited implementation
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Sustainability factors

Customers pay for our services
We are a hybrid social enterprise offering services to both private and public sector.

Contact details

Hadeel Anabtawi, Founder

About The Alchemist Lab- Fun Science Science for extra curricular activities

Location: Amman
Age: More than 5 years
Number of employees: 5

Expectation from TechAid

Access to Market:

We aim to expand through the online academy to the region. Our two cycles since July have attracted 80 % of members from UAE. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.
We appreciate help in seeking strategic partnerships for this expansion.

Access to Finance:
Looking for JOD 100,000 as Investment
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