ION Microsystems
Cloud-based EV charging platform
Cohort: 1 - Status: Validated


“ION provides a fully integrated EV charging platform to help spreading charging locations in Jordan and in the region. This will allow our customers to share revenue and help the EV industry to spread by solving lack of chargers problem. ION cloud is a simple, plug and play device that will put any charger into ION chargers network.
ION made EV charging problem very easy by using our app to locate chargers, pay online and recharge your balance through eFawateerCom.”

Solution stage: Limited implementation
Attachments for more info

Sustainability factors

paid: EV charging energy costs
shared: cloud device service cost (25% ION, 75% for cloud partner)

Contact details

Ahmad Majali, COO

About ION Microsystems

Location: Amman
Age: 0 - 2 Year
Number of employees: 3

Expectation from TechAid

Regulatory Issues:

Help in changing EMRC regulations for EV charging practice and to allow more open economic solution to help expanding EV charging network in Jordan

Access to Finance:
Looking for 30,000 JD as Loan
Advisory Board:
Accounting, Finance, and Public Relations

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2 months ago

From: Ahmad Majali []
Sent: Monday, February 1, 2021 5:44 PM
To: Nidal Bitar
Subject: ION-Bank al Etihad introduction

Dear Nidal,

Hope my email finds you well.

I would like to thank you for your efforts in helping me getting introduced to Bank al Etihad.
While I had contacted Mr. Mahmoud twice last year, I wasn’t able to reach him again, and he never replied.

If I may ask you to introduce me again to someone else in the marketing department that would be very helpful.
Also to mention, Capital bank are closing the deal for 5 chargers, I sent them the invoice and contracts. Thank you again for you great introduction.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards
Ahmad Majali
Founder | COO
ION Microsystems
m: +962 77 88 0 88 99
9. Prs. Shaker St.
Amman – Jordan