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Contactless Restaurant Menu Platform
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A platform on which any restaurant can subscribe and build its menu using a user friendly UI. The platform will generate a QR code for the menu that can be printed and distributed on the restaurant’s tables. Restaurants visitors after that can use this QR code to open the menu on their phones.

The main benefit of using this service is to guarantee safer environment in the restaurant by eliminating one of most dangerous viruses transition surfaces (the menu)

Moreover, the platform will provide different services for restaurants related to the uploaded menus such as delivery orders, customers satisfaction surveys, coupons and advertisement, …

At this stage, and complying with the mission of this initiative to solve challenges raised by the pandemic, QBS will provide the Contactless Menu feature for all restaurants freely. at later stages, QBS will provide additional optional features, such as customer satisfaction analysis, direct order placement,

Solution stage: Test implementation
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Sustainability factors

Following freemium model will encourage most restaurants to participate with the service at this stage which will allow QBS to easily up-sell and cross-sell for most of the existing restaurants on the platform.

Contact details

Ahmad Abu Qauod, CEO

About Quality Business Solution

Location: Amman
Age: More than 5 years
Number of employees: 22

Expectation from TechAid

Regulatory Issues:

We are seeking the set the rules by the government to avoid restaurants from using the traditional menus and use any digital alternative such as our solution
parties included:
Ministry of Health
لجنة الأوبئة
Ministry of Tourism and Antiques
Amman Greater Municipality
Ministry of Local Administration

Advisory Board:
Marketing, Public Relations, and Strategy development and implementation


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