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1Point Commerce bridges the gap between buyers and suppliers by solving problems faced by both parties. SMEs face the challenge of affording/maintaining an online presence and gaining online exposure while buyers spend 3-8 months before the point of purchase searching for the best product. Buyers and suppliers with language differences cannot carry out negotiations and the lack of supporting services limits both parties in completing trade deals with ease and certainty.
1PC is a global b2b e-commerce platform, designed for suppliers to showcase their products online and for buyers to make calculated decisions when purchasing products at the most competitive prices from suppliers worldwide. Buyers view, compare, negotiate, and purchase the products they need using our simple numeric-negotiation system created to minimize language barriers as an alternative to, and simulating face-to-face negotiations. Our network of supporting services help members add products, find the best product, complete trade deals, and expand into new markets at minimal cost and risk.
In 2018, the global trade value of goods and services exported throughout the world amounted to approximately 19.5 trillion U.S. dollars” (UNCTAD, 2018). However, every year, 7-10% of trade deals are not completed due to language barriers alone resulting in a loss of over 2 trillion dollars (Elsevier, 2010). Suppliers are struggling more than ever to keep up with ever-changing global markets and demands. These problems become monumental for SMEs who have limited resources and the absence of an online presence to gain international exposure, hindering their participation in the global economy.
There is a huge opportunity to increase international trade volume. A 1% increase in international trade translates into 1.9 Billion Dollars. Each 1 Billion Dollars translates into an average increase of 26,500 jobs. In the US, 1 Billion in trade creates 6000 jobs (International Trade Administration, 2016), while in Jordan the same 1Billion creates 47,000 jobs (International Trade Center, 2018).
We are solving the problems for buyers and suppliers. Buyers need to purchase competitive products from suppliers everywhere, and suppliers need to increase their sales locally, regionally, and internationally.

Solution stage: Widely implemented
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Buyers and suppliers join 1Point Commerce as members and pay annual membership fees.

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Faeq Tadros, CEO

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Location: Amman
Age: More than 5 years
Number of employees: 5

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