Levant Consulting LLC
Levant Consulting LLC
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Online portal and smart phone application for effective recovery protocols by developing meaningful action plans that optimise sector-wide recovery efforts developed by World Travel and Tourism Council, EU and UN World Touirsm Organisation

Part of protocols includes providing the Jordanian public & private sectors with insights & tool-kits for interaction & implementation to ensure that people are and feel safe . It is paramount to have undertsanding and awarness of international and oirgin destionations common rules. Ultimately, we envision a future of travel that is safe, secure, seamless and provides an authentic and meaningful experience to the traveller across the journey; one which supports the livelihoods of millions and contributes to sustainable economic growth.

The protocols align the Jordan private sector behind common standards to ensure the safety of its workforce and travellers as the sector shifts to a new normal.
The #SafeTravels Stamp was created for travellers to recognise destinations and businesses around the world which have adopted the SafeTravels health and hygiene global standardised protocols. The EU is Jordan major source of tourists and traellers and its important to align these protocols to EU and WTTC practices, certiications and protocols
Please note that while the protocols take into account current WHO, EU and CDC guidelines, they are living documents which we will updated by the portal as new information becomes available about COVID-19 and new travel and tourism certification requirements such as proposed EU Vaccine Passport

Solution stage: Test implementation
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Sustainability factors

financial cost to the user will be free for SMEs however for large corporations they will bear some subscription cost plus advertising and sponsorship revenues

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Rana Hijjawi, General Manager

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Age: 2 - 5 Year
Number of employees: 5

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