Matching people looking for financial products with the different financial institutions
Cohort: 1 - Status: Validated


“We match people looking for financial products (loans, credit cards and accounts) with the different financial institutes. We provide individuals with access to financial products and financial info. Online for free. We provide institutes with validated leads and data analytics accordingly.

That saves users the time and effort spent and the risk of catching the COVID_19 virus travelling around in person to compare between offers. Eventually, this saves users money by getting them the best deal.
This also provides an opportunity for the financial institutions to market their products to reach a larger audience.”

Solution stage: Limited implementation
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Sustainability factors

  1. SDG 4: Quality Education
  2. SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
  3. SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Contact details

Yara Hani Zreikat, Co-founder and CCO

About Amwalcom

Location: Amman
Age: 0 - 2 Year
Number of employees: 4

Expectation from TechAid

Access to Market:

Access to financial institutions (banks, microfinance companies, leasing companies) in and outside Jordan. Support in this would be highly appreciated.

Access to Finance:
Looking for 250,000 JD as Investment
Advisory Board:
Finance, Law, Marketing, Information Technology, and Public Relations


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