Trismart Group
Multi-tenant Virtual Customer Journey Management Platform
Cohort: 3 - Status: Validated


Our Platform “dooree’ is a a Cloud based customer Journey Management tool which, during the height of the pandemic, revolutionizes the way we manage Customers traffic, chaos and long queues in Service Points, enhance customers journey while adhering to social distancing guidelines. This Platform will be implemented across all Jordan service points both government and private sectors, expanding regionally in the near future.

Solution stage: Test implementation
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Sustainability factors

It is a free Application to the end user, and a subscription as a service to the Merchant.

Contact details

Mohammad Atout, CEO

About Trismart Group

Location: Amman
Age: More than 5 years
Number of employees: 80

Expectation from TechAid

Access to Market:
  • All Service points in government sector, courts, Social Security, Tax Department, Passport Services..etc
  • All Covid-19 test labs
  • All Service points in Hospitals, private and public.
  • All Service points in banks, Telecom, Insurance..
  • Anywhere where people queue.!

Advisory Board:
Law, Marketing, Public Relations, and Strategy development and implementation

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