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Jordan ICT sector incentives

0 JOD Non-Jordanian investments

Removing the requirement of minimum share capital contribution for foreign investors

0% Sales tax

Reducing sales tax of goods and services for IT production input from 16% to 0% along all IT service sales in Jordan

0 JOD Customs

Removing customs fees of goods for IT production input

5% Income Tax

Reducing income tax from 20% to 5% on IT activities across the Kingdom

0 JOD Export Tax

Exempting exports income tax on exports

Reasons to join int@j as a member

  • Collective voice of the ICT sector

    Working together as one community on legislative policies and issues, closely with top level government ocials and policy makers, towards the highest impact on the ICT sector and entrepreneurship ecosystem advocating market growth and transformation to a digital economy.

  • Increased Exposure

    Shedding light on int@j members’ activities and success stories, through media campaigns creating maximum exposure across all channels.

  • Access To Learning And Networking Opportunities

    Sharing knowledge and expanding networking opportunities through frequent meetings, sessions, and events, bringing together members, experts, government ocials, and other sector inuencers & stakeholders.

  • Leading Change

    Leading the first steps across industries in highlighting challenges including technology adoption through networking with decision makers in other sectors.

  • Access To Markets

    Exporting products, solutions and services through participation in leading major local, regional and international exhibitions and trade missions towards increasing revenue and profitability.

  • Ready Skilled Talents

    Accessing highly skilled and well-trained developed talents through working and networking with academia decision makers in closing the gap between the outcomes of higher education and market needs.

  • Access To Focused Information

    Exploring detailed market and technology opportunities, studies, research and analysis to support your data driven decisions, strategies and business development activities.

  • Startup Driver

    Establishing your entrepreneurship journey benefitting from the support, mentorship, and networking capabilities to stay connected with the local, regional and global entrepreneurship ecosystems.

  • Market Your Services

    Promoting your products and services to other members and 30,000+ professionals in int@js’ ICT network.

  • Be Part Of An Association

    Belonging to an ICT association that impacts positively on your business’s long-term success guaranteeing a safer, stronger industry for future generations.

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