Welcome to int@j’s Market Intelligence Portal

Under int@j strategy and pillar of Access to Information, the Market Intelligence Portal provides you with the latest news, research, insights, statistics, forecasts, and trends regionally & internationally to help you in your growth and entering new markets.

If you are an int@j member register now to enjoy your free access to news, chart of the day, conferences and events, tender info, and summary country reports, with the ability to upgrade to access detailed country & market reports & research.

Non-Members and stakeholders are also able to subscribe to access the Market Intelligence Portal based on a paid subscription and user license.

Our new portal contains great features such as:

  • News Alerts
  • Startup News Alerts
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Chart of the Day
  • Events, Exhibitions & Conferences
  • Tenders (Local, and regional)
  • Insights & Publications
  • ICT Country Reports (Summary & Detailed)
  • Detailed Market / Sector Reports
  • On-Demand Reports
  • Price does not include 16 % Sales tax
  • Additional Users JD 100 per year
  • You can purchase reports individually at a price of 550 JD each. Available int@j research reports are:
    • Country reports: Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain
    • Technology / Market reports: Cybersecurity, and Ecommerce