ّInsights for Webinars for Jordanian SMEs Digital Needs


The SANAD Fund for MSME’s Technical Assistance Facility and AL Hussein Fund for Excellence jointly engaged Avrio Impact to support the organization of a series of webinars for Jordanian SMEs to

a) introduce the importance of digitalization

b) Provide information to SMEs on what solutions are available and how to implement them to make their business more efficient and

c) explore the available digital financial services and digital marketing tools to reach different SME target groups.

As part of the preparation process, the Avrio team is conducting preliminary research on the challenges and needs of Jordanian SMEs in terms of their digital appetite and potential to take up digital tools

This form is aimed at SMEs who are curious about using digital tools for their businesses. We will be running a series of practical webinars highlighting how focused digitizations can improve the competitiveness of their business. To help us make the webinars even more relevant, please give us a few moments of your time to answer this short questionnaire.

By filling in this form, you will help inform the research process in preparation for the webinars.