10X ICT Conference & Exhibition


We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the 10X ICT conference & Exhibition organized by Professional Computer Association in Lebanon, which will take place on 27th–29th MAY 2024, at Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel HorshTabet, Sin El Fil Beirut – Lebanon


The ICT sector in Lebanon encompasses various components, including ICT Services and Manufacturing, Hardware Retail, and Telecommunications.

A.  According to the ICT Database in 2019, there are approximately 550 companies operating in the ICT Services and Manufacturing component. This category includes both local and multinational companies, with significant players represented. These companies are further categorized into sub-sectors:
B. Digital/Startup Economy: This sub-sector comprises technology-enabled startups operating in different verticals. It encompasses startups leveraging digital technologies to provide innovative solutions.
C. Software: The software sub-sector includes companies involved in software development, application programming, and software solutions. These firms contribute to the development and implementation of various software applications.
D. Business Process Services: This sub-sector involves companies offering business process outsourcing (BPO) services, including back-office operations, customer support, data entry, and other related services.
E. Telecom Solutions: Companies in this sub-sector specialize in providing telecommunications solutions, including infrastructure development, networking, voice and data services, and related solutions.
F. Data Centers: This sub-sector focuses on companies providing data center services, including hosting, cloud computing, storage, and data management solutions.
G. ICT Manufacturing: This sub-sector includes companies engaged in the manufacturing and production of ICT-related hardware, devices, and components.

  • For more information & participation please visit the event website http://www.10xict.com/ 
  • For Tickets info please contact Mr. George Ayache at E-mail: George.ayache@iemice.com, Mobile : +971 50 84 85 677