AI Arab Startups Call for Free Data Labelling Services


B.O.T (Bridge. Outsource. Transform) is launching a competition to offer AI startups in your network free data annotation services, to help them produce high-quality training data for Computer Vision or NLP models.

The Data Annotation services will be performed by B.O.T ‘s workforce of young ladies trained to perform data annotation tasks.

If you know a company that would benefit from the offer,  encourage them to apply by filling this questionnaire by October 1, 2021.

About B.O.T:

B.O.T (Bridge. Outsource. Transform) is the first impact sourcing platform in the MENA region that provides high-quality data services executed by skilled freelancers from low-income backgrounds. Our aim is to ensure women and youth have access to global and local digital work, giving them the platform to work their way up while securing a source of income.

Discover more about us by visiting this link.

About Project:

The Data Annotation services for Computer Vision and NLP will be executed by B.O.T ‘s young female trainees. 75 young women are being digitally upskilled and trained on AI and data labeling tasks as part of UNICEF’s Gender Equality Program.

During this program, the ladies will learn about AI and ML through the curriculums of IBM, Microsoft, and real-life experiences that will help them launch a career in tech.

We are currently looking for pilot project leads, to allow the ladies to hone their data annotation skills. The pilots will be sponsored by UNICEF’s program and will be offered to participating clients on a freemium basis. The period for pilots runs from now through December 31, 2021.