Announcing Oshbok – the ICT Companies Listing & Reviews Portal


It gives int@j great pleasure to announce the soft launch of Oshbok, an ICT Companies Listing & Reviews portal, created and managed in partnership with MediaScope and Vardot, with the support of GIZ.

Oshbok represents int@j’s commitment to the ICT sector, at large, to promote and generate business regionally and globally for Jordanian ICT companies which provide professional services.

Companies may create a basic (free) page on Oshbok, and may also add further information by upgrading to Standard or Premium company pages (packages).

ICT companies who add and/or claim their detailed profiles will be provided with these packages on a complimentary basis.

Already, there is a basic page of information created for your company so the next steps are:

  • Visit Oshbok to sign in through this link: (Register if not registered)
  • Search for your company and then claim Your Profile (by clicking the button to claim, on your company page), and fill in the required form, for our team to process this claim.
  • If your company page has not been created, you can register and add your company information and related details.

Company pages can include profile text, services and sub-services, projects portfolio (with images), the project sizes you work on, your service rates, contact and social media information….. and more.

Please claim and update your profile ASAP, as we intend to officially launch Oshbok very soon.

Oshbok will be marketed regionally and internationally, with the aim that Jordanian ICT services companies penetrate new markets to attract new clients. There will be a dedicated digital campaign, in addition to Oshbok being fully promoted by int@j through its communication channels and partnerships regionally and internationally.

If you have any questions, comments, or need any assistance, please send an email to: or

Looking forward to working with your company to benefit from  Oshbok.