Are you looking for a Reliable Microfinance Banking Solution?


Whether you have a full-fledged Microfinance institution (MFI), or looking to operate a new MFI, do you have a cost-effective, flexible, and user-friendly MFI software solution?

 Our MFI software, ICS BANKS® Microfinance, is suitable for any MFI. With its customised MIS capabilities, BI functions, and easy tracking methods, the MFI is able to track the workflow of the loan process at any level, any time, and can request reports, enquiries, and advice receipts for each loan process, with full detailed information on the loan settlement transaction. 

 Discover how ICS BANKS® future-proofed architecture and comprehensive set of cutting-edge features can help you meet your MFI’s business needs and tailor Microfinance products that perfectly align with your strategy. With the flexibility to deploy on-premises, hybrid, or cloud, you can choose the best deployment option for your organization.