Call for ICT companies: For int@j members


We are excited to announce an upcoming ”Gender Diversity management intervention for ICT SMEs”, a program funded by GIZ and implemented by SARH International for Consulting and Training under int@j WEE Unit – SHETECHS.

Since the introduction of gender diversity management (GDM) in the ICT sector is a strategic measure to drive diversity and inclusion within SMEs. This intervention seeks to promote a conducive work environment for women and men who desire to work in ICT SMEs, as well as increase productivity, profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of these enterprises.

To participate in this exciting intervention, you need to be:

  • In the ICT Sector.
  • A member of int@j.
  • Employ 6 to 99 employees.

Benefits to your participation:

Get certified and increase your visibility in the ICT sector both domestically and globally.

Build your reputation for gender diversity and inclusion to both attract better talent and new investments for your growth. Building your brand as a gender inclusive one will also help you gain new clients.

Professionalization of internal processes, systems, and by-laws to ensure your competitiveness and legal standing.

Overall, improve your business performance and compete more equally with global enterprises in the ICT sector.

If you are interested in participating in this intervention, please contact Ms. Zain Asfour – head of Women Economic Empowerment Unit – SHETECHS through Email:, before Wednesday 22 of February 2023 noting that this opportunity is VERY LIMITED and first comes first served.