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Dear esteemed team and partners,


Orange Jordan Coding Academy, is one of the leading Orange Jordan CSR programs, it was launched in June 2019 in partnership with Simplon. co and PSUT to equip youth with the necessary skills that will qualify them as the next generation of programmers. We found a program to cover the local market’s needs of full stack programmers and break the youth’s unemployment chain.

What we do?

The Coding Academy by Orange and for the first time in Jordan deliver a full advanced training course in Programming for six months which is a full cohort.

In Each season, we receive thousands of applications. young people between the ages 18 and 30 get the chance to win a fully-funded, intensive six-month training courses in programming. Our students learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP technologies, in addition to 100 hours on many of soft & employment skills. Our program has proven efficient because of its self-learning approach that professional trainers oversee.  After the six-months training program, they have to complete a one-month internship/e-internship at a local company


Companies -Technology Survey:

We are writing to you regarding a survey that we are working on to define the real prerequisites for fresh graduates and junior developers to join different companies and organizations in order to be able to add a tangible value to the team and business.

Therefore, we appreciate your cooperation and time filling out the survey in the link below and fill it according to your requirements and policies.

This survey aims to provide the IT market with the best fresh graduates and juniors to contribute in the growth and prosperity of the IT sector in the Kingdom.

Your opinion is very important to us at this stage because together we will do a change and share more success stories.

The Survey link:

We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback on the survey.