Domains and Certificates Survey


The Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) in Jordan is the implementing agency for the Youth, Technology, and Jobs (YTJ) project.

This project aims to motivate private sector-led growth in the digital sector by supplying it with digitally enabled youth, deepening the pool of quality digital skills, creating demand for digital services and jobs, and incentivizing the growth and expansion of the private sector.

To increase the supply of digitally enabled youth, MODEE, in collaboration with Digital Skills Association, will sign MOUs with international professional certification providers through which each professional certification provider commits to supporting youth technical upskilling with capacity building to train and certify educators, providing the learning and teaching material for the selected training courses, and offering professional exam vouchers at a discounted rate.

With this context in mind, and building on the findings from our supply and demand gap analysis, which identified the most demanded domains among employers in the ICT sector, we aim to understand which specific professional certifications are of the greatest value to your organization when it comes to hiring new employees and upskilling your current team.

Your insights will be crucial in shaping our educational and training programs, ensuring they are tailor-made to align with industry demands and, in turn, preparing the Jordanian youth most effectively for the IT-sector workforce.

The survey consists of a few concise questions and should take no longer than 4 minutes to complete.

Kindly click here to access the Domains and Certificates Survey.

We appreciate your expertise and time in assisting us with this endeavor.

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