“ELEGANT” Project Survey


The Information & Communications Technology Association of Jordan –int@j invites you to participate in ELEGANT an EU-funded project survey, this Enterprise Survey is designed to identify the gaps in the knowledge and skills of graduates with a view to improving their study programmers and enable the graduates to be ready for the world of employment.

The survey also aims at identifying and assessing different forms of cooperation between universities and enterprises for the benefit of all stakeholders, The objectives of this cooperation are:

  • To improve the curricula of the IT Faculties (Computer Science and Computer Engineering areas) of universities in order to reflect the needs of the ICT sector companies and improve the employability of ICT graduates.
  • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge from universities to the ICT sector.

Your participation in this survey is therefore crucial for identifying the IT graduates’ knowledge and skill gaps. The survey is voluntary and you can stop the interview at any time- if you so wish- , The results of individual questionnaires will not be discussed or shared with anybody outside the research team and the overall results will be published in aggregate form for the benefit of universities and government departments dealing with higher education institutions.

int@j invites you to fill up this survey by Monday, November 23, 2020, and for more clarification you can directly contact

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Wish you a successful day.

The Survey