You are invited to take part in Case in Point upcoming workshop The workshop designed for executives and company owners who wish to achieve exponential growth for their business. This course uses the latest methodologies used by top companies in Silicon Valley to achieve quick growth and increase in revenue. It provides fast, practical techniques that can be directly applied and show results. The course is delivered by certified ExO consultant Ammar Mango with over 30 years of experience helping organizations world-wide grow and achieve their objectives.

1.Stories of organizations that grew exponentially and thrived in times of crisis:

Why do some organizations do well in times of crisis and others go bankrupt?
What changed in the last decade that led to a new breed of organizations that grow exponentially?

2. Visualizing Success like NASA Astronauts

What is success? Who should define it? Is it the board of directors?The founder?
Why do executives fail to answer this simple question?

3. Competitive Intelligence and Market Analysis

What markets are you competing in?
Who are your competitors?
Why do many companies fail to realize who their real competitors are?

If you are interested in register in the upcoming training course: https://lnkd.in/duxW6yU
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