Fulbright Research Project – Jordan tech sector


The Information & Communications Technology Association of Jordan –int@j invites you to participate in an Academic Qualitative Research in regional tactics and international market expansion of Jordanian companies in the technology sector. This research is the base of a university professor for his U.S. Fulbright award, and is meant for academic theory advancement.

The Fulbright report presentation will present our results in aggregate form only – and no individual executive or company will be identified in the report, in order to maintain anonymity. Key initiatives, tactics and strategy leading to better or worse performance will be highlighted on 23rd   Of April.

In pursuit of this qualitative research, a graduate MBA students from the University of Jordan has been assigned to conduct interviews with top senior management at Jordanian knowledge-intensive technology firms, and will be contacting top-level management at your company soon in order to set up a potential in-depth interview, Each interview should take between 45-50 minutes, noting that this is a Fulbright sponsored research, and can only be used for academic purposes, And respondents will remain anonymous in the final analysis.

In order to be able to see best practices within the sector in terms of the best performing companies, The benefits to policy makers will be to see the effects of favorable treatment of the technology sector, and ability to have a more nuanced understanding of what key areas best promote growth, efficiency, entrepreneurship and industry development, int@j invites you to fill up the questions in the Critical Issues Protocol (CIP) that will be asked during the interview by 10th of April to, and for more clarification you can directly contact the researcher on his American number WhatsApp  (+12079747372).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Wish you a successful day.


Interview Questions