ICT market survey



The Coding Academy by Orange was officially launched in June 2019 as a vivid example of the “Training for Employment” concept, facilitated by Orange Corporate Responsibility. Its primary objective is to offer free training to young individuals, aged 18-30, in highly sought-after programming languages, essential job market skills, and personal development. Initially established in Amman, the academy has expanded its presence to encompass Irbid, Aqaba, Zarqa, Balqa and Virtual Online Data Science Academy through a collaborative project with the EU. These academies serve as boot camp centers, catering to the targeted youth across Jordan.

The inclusive accredited training programs in web, mobile and data science domains, utilizing active learning techniques. These programs also incorporate the development of soft skills, ensuring graduates are equipped to fulfill the growing need for skilled professionals in the local and national ICT sector.

The purpose of this survey is to modify our training programs with your needs to provide you with candidates has the required skills and knowledge needed in the Jordanian market which will ease your recruitment process and secure your needs with talented resources.

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