Introducing IPSOS “Consumer Pulse” Study Report


Dear Valued Members,


The Information & Communications Technology Association of Jordan-int@j is pleased to inform you that IPSOS MENA has recently launchedConsumer Pulse”,  a syndicated study that is meant to provide a comprehensive and strategic understanding of the emerging key consumer trends across each of the 9 markets covered by the study. To view the promo video for the study, please click here.



Today, We live in a true age of uncertainty, driven by major disruptive forces impacting and shaping many aspects of our lives, as the MENA region is one of the fastest changing regions globally, witnessing major demographic shifts, changing consumer lifestyles, and an increasing rate of digitization that is showing no signs of slowing down. Keeping up with these changes, given the pace at which they are unfolding, is extremely important if businesses are to adapt to future consumer needs.


To help clients navigate this rapidly evolving region, and to keep up with the latest consumer trends, Ipsos launched Consumer Pulse in MENA, the study spans 9 markets across MENA, covering over 15 key topics in one, single-source study.


Results are now available, with comprehensive country by country trends reports breaking trends down by different consumer groups and segments, and providing valuable strategic insights for subscribing clients wishing to explore how these trends will impact their own business, book your study copy today by contacting, noting that you will get a very special discount on the prices AS int@j member.

For more information about the proposal and Int@j members’ special discount please click here.

ICT Association of Jordan – int@j