Introductory sessions for companies/NGOs – GIG Incentive


Ministry of Digital Economic & Entrepreneurship MoDEE are thrilled to announce that the GIG Incentive Application is now officially open on the GrowJo platform.

YTJ (GiG Incentive) aims to provide access to income opportunities in various tech and non-tech economic activities for individuals in the gig economy. it will seek to increase the adoption of digital platforms by supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and private sector companies in training individuals, with focus on youth, women and refugees in underserved communities to access and offer their services on these digital platforms.

For more information about the platform and details regarding the GIG incentive and the application requirements, please visit the following link:

MoDEE will be conducting online sessions for the companies/NGOs that are interested to apply, know more about the application criteria, and how to apply.  The sessions will be conducted on the below dates:

**Both sessions have the same content, therefore, interested companies can choose either dates to attend the session.