Invitation to register in September (MMM):”Opportunities to Scale in Saudi Arabia from Jordan”


int@j and ASTROLABS is pleased to invite you to participate in September Members Monthly Meeting (MMM) Webinar titled ” Opportunities to Scale in Saudi Arabia from Jordan”, on Monday 26th of September, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM

The purpose of this meeting is to gain insights into the Saudi market and what it takes to setup & operate as a corporate, SME, and startup venture in KSA, As per the below Agenda:

  • Saudi’s economic outlook
  • 20-step setup process
  • Leveraging AstroLabs’s ecosystem builders
  • Q&As


Your good self and your concerned team are more than welcome to join and interact in this meeting.

If you are interested to attend this meeting, you are kindly requested to register by filling up the registration form, and accordingly, you will receive the link to the meeting.