InvoiceQ platform insights survey


The InvoiceQ platform is designed to simplify, centralize, and enhance the entire invoice lifecycle, from issuance/receipt to collection/payment.

The solution offers three standard subscriptions designed for freelancers and startups, SMEs, and large enterprises, as well as offering the option to customize the invoice experience based on the modules and features the business may need.

InvoiceQ is currently working with an in-house consultant provided by the SURGE program to improve the strategic direction of its product.

Kindly assist us with completing this 2-minute survey to help us collect the right data.

The purpose of this survey is to capture the following:

  1. Key insights around the drivers, needs and behaviors (e.g., other tools used by SMEs in terms of industries, sector and size) of current and potential customers.
  2. Identify other invoicing tools used by SMEs broken down by industry, sector, and size in Jordan as well as the current practices and platforms utilized to be tax compliant.

We would really appreciate receiving your response by the end of Wednesday 29th of March.

Survey link:

We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback on the survey.