Dear Valued Members,

The Information & Communications Technology Association of Jordan-int@j is pleased to inform you that IPSOS offices in Jordan has recently published “IPSOS’ JORDANIAN CONSUMER SENTIMENT INDEX (JCSI) Q2 2020” report, a key predictor of purchase trends in the market.

This free report is a quarterly national survey of consumer attitudes on the current and future state of the local economy, personal financial situation, as well as confidence to make large investments and ability to save, despite it being a lagging indicator, if consumer sentiment is high, people will make more purchases and the economy will expand.

Businesses and Policy Makers can monitor changes in the index to factor the data in their decision-making processes. A wave-on-wave decreasing trend suggests consumers have a negative outlook on their ability to spend. Thus, manufacturers may expect consumers to avoid retail purchases, particularly items that require financing. Likewise, banks can anticipate a decrease in lending activity, mortgage applications, and credit card usage.

With all our eyes fixated on how our economy is moving and as part of our own CSR efforts we have been tracking the consumers’ confidence in Jordanian economy and comparing it to our global, well-renowned Consumer Confidence index that is run by Ipsos across 25 markets globally.

It is our pleasure to be able to share these quarterly reports with you through our most valued network facilitated by Int@j association and we hope that this will help you make better sense of the economy’s outlook Saif Nimry, Managing Director – IPSOS Jordan & Iraq.

Check out this report and boost your informed decision making to MOVE FASTER, ACT SMARTER and GO FURTHER in the pursuit of your tailored individual success each in their domain.