Manage your documents with Intelligence with ICS BANKS


One of the challenges that may still exist in banks and financial institutions (FIs) is maintaining paper-based documents. Facing strict regulations and having to handle work the traditional way, such as legal documents that need to be signed by their clients. For example, central banks require banks to maintain clients’ signed paper documents and records for a retention period.

So, what is the solution? A systematic approach is essentially needed! This is where we are happy to introduce our ICS BANKS® DMS, to manage, protect and preserve records as evidence of actions.

ICS BANKS® DMS eliminates the manual processes with its embedded workflow and is utilised in all of ICS BANKS® products, such as; customer onboarding, ERP, payments, and any banking operation. Banks and FIs will speed productivity with ICS BANKS® DMS’ comprehensive keyword indexing, classification coverage, fast and user-friendly features, as well as an accurate and hassle-free deployment.

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