Promote Your Startup through filling the Startup Mapping 1-Minute Survey


Dear Startup,

int@j and StartupsJo on behalf of “Orange Jo for Innovation Space Project ” funded by EU, are in the process of mapping the Jordanian Startup Landscape. The guide will be periodically updated with a focus on each Startup Vertical which will, in turn, be used to promote the startups regionally & internationally. We would appreciate if you fill in the form and select the vertical(s) and sub-vertical(s) your startup operates in (you have the option to select multi-verticals as per your operations). Please use a separate form for each startup.

The guide will be periodically updated to ensure the marketing and promoting your startups on a continuous basis.

We would appreciate if you click on the link and enter some brief info about your startup and then choose which Vertical(s) and Sub-Vertical(s) you operate in (ie. Fintech as a Vertical / Digital Currencies as a Sub-Vertical, or Gaming as a Vertical / Publishing as a Sub-Vertical, E-Commence as a vertical / Marketplace C2C as Sub-Vertical, etc…)

If you are interested in promoting your startup and believe your startup operates under multiple verticals or sub-verticals please choose all that apply. There is also a field at the bottom of the survey to add any vertical not mentioned or any other comments.  In addition, if you have more than one startup, please use a separate form for each startup.

Please click on the link now and fill in the 1-minute survey

Please be assured that any sensitive details which you will be providing will be dealt with in top confidentiality and will be used only for analysis.

Thank you and please share and forward with your fellow Jordanian entrepreneurs and startups.

int@j / StartupsJo