To whom it may concern

“The role of companies in crisis and mitigate the negative impact on the economy by utilizing companies’ knowledge and capabilities.”

Referring to the above matter, we would appreciate if you could help me in achieving this research Endeavour. We are conducting research on “The role of companies in crisis and mitigate the negative impact on economy by utilizing companies’ knowledge and capabilities”

Your kind cooperation in this matter is extremely important in making this research Endeavour successful. The finding of the study would provide significant insight and would be useful in planning a strategic plan of action that would help in sustaining the growth of our Jordanian economy during the COVID-19 crisis.

we will assure you that the data collected will be treated as strictly confidential. Only aggregate data shall be published in reports or other forms of publications. Hence, please give your sincere response to the questions in this questionnaire booklet. It will only take 15 minutes of your precious time, but your response will provide us with valuable information in promoting our country and encourage the arrival of international tourists.

Your support and cooperation in giving us your sincere response are highly appreciated, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for agreeing to participate in this research Endeavour.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or my colleague for any clarification.

NOTE: The “Questionnaire Booklet” in the link below

Ali Al-Ghussein
Principle Investigator
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E. mail: Abdelrahman Zuraik
Associate Researcher
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