Register to attend “Huawei Cloud City Tour Jordan 2022”


26th of September, 2022

The St. Regis Hotel, Amman

The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan – int@j, cordially invites you to participate in the upcoming Huawei Cloud City Tour Jordan 2022 – Light up the Future, Accelerate Enterprise Thriving, organized & managed by Huawei, which will be held on the 26th of September at St. Regis, Amman from 10:30AM to 1:00PM.

As the past year has been extraordinary where we witnessed rapid growth in digital transformation across all industries, Cloud plays a significant role in transforming and bringing businesses in Jordan to greater heights.

In this tour, we will discuss the best practices and insights in the industries so that businesses can better leverage Cloud technologies.

The Huawei Cloud Summit is based on the Spark Project, which is cooperated by MODEE and Huawei, and aims to accelerate the thrive of enterprises through Huawei cloud service and communication platform with global venture capital.

We will talk with CEOs and leaders of enterprises about :

Ø  what is the Spark Project and Huawei cloud

Ø  what is the policy of assistance in the business and technic domain

Ø  what we need to do to join the project and get business thrive

If you are interested in participating in this valuable FREE event, kindly register ASAP by filling out the Registration form, Noting that spaces are limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis.