Research Tender Announcement


ICT Association of Jordan – int@j ( is requesting proposals for procurement of ICT and related market research and information.  To be considered for this, participating vendors to deliver their respective proposals by


12:00 (Amman Time) on June Monday 27th, 2022

The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (int@j), founded in 2000, is a membership-based ICT and IT Enabled Services (ITES) industry advocacy, support, and networking association.  int@j serves as the collective voice of the industry, advocating on behalf of its stakeholders and seeking to maximize the contribution of the ICT sector towards the national economy. int@j aim to provide the ICT sector in Jordan with the tools required to ensure continued growth and expansion.

To overcome the limitation of Jordanian ICT MSME, int@j is creating and operating a Market Intelligence Portal as a service to its members, non-members, and organizations. The Market Intelligence Portal is the foundation of the Marketing Intelligence Function or Unit whereby its overall target is to make available timely and strategic data and analysis to stakeholders operating in the MSME segment of the Jordanian ICT sector.  The objective is to enable the business community to access reliable information on the regional and global export and investment markets, in order to help them make more informed decisions and strengthen their opportunities for growth.


The ICT Association of Jordan (int@j – would like to procure research information based on the below criteria


  • Research information access preferably via a web portal
  • Reports & research information on
    • Industry insights & KPIs with a specific focus on the ICT sector and ICT-enabled solutions, products & services
    • Daily & Periodic Newsletters, Articles, Podcasts, Exclusive Interviews
    • Analyst Reports
    • Charts & Forecasts
    • Industry Briefings – Technology, Health, Financial, E-Commerce, Marketing, Media, SMEs & B2B/B2C
    • Market Outlooks & trends (Country specific, regional & international)
  • Global Market focus with info on MEA region with specific statistics, forecasts and reports
  • Ability to export data in multi formats for analysis and use
  • Ability to report to int@j members data & insights via the internal portal
  • Unlimited Access to research & report libraries
  • User License with training & support
  • Access for the period of July 2022 to October 2023.
  • Extension / Renewal to the above period to be discussed at a later stage

Would appreciate receiving your research information details and financials with the deadline of Monday, June 27, 2022, to