Tech Kitchen: Today’s Remote Reality 


A new product launched by PARACHUTE16 and Squadio is building and enabling tech kitchens aiming to support entrepreneurs, startups, and scale-ups to expand regionally.

To jump on a new journey together to work remotely and stay empowered together, we’d like to invite you to join us, in discussing the future of remote work in the tech field, the transformation from SaaS to TaaS and to meet the tech industry stakeholders & partners.

on Wednesday the 20th of July at 6:30 pm @ ZINC 

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/L871Lc1DiWwBZnuj8

Allow us to introduce you to our mission to hire 1000 tech talents with Squadio as well as take part in supporting the contribution of tech companies to the supply needed by utilizing your employees’ talents to make profit without the hassle of doing sales and managing the projects yourself.