U-SOLVE Project, Entrepreneurial ecosystem survey


The ENI CBC MED Programme underlines the importance of supporting innovative start-ups and recently established enterprises, focusing on young and women entrepreneurs.

The program facilitates the protection of Intellectual Property Rights and commercialization where applicable. Under this umbrella, The Urban sustainable development SOutions Valuing Entrepreneurship (U-SOLVE) includes partners from 6 Mediterranean countries (I.e. Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian Territories). The project aims to explore the USOLVE aims to achieve the following objectives in partnering countries:

 Promoting youth and female population entrepreneurship and participation to a co-planned model of intervention and economic growth of the areas where this population lives.
 Promoting and sustaining the economic growth of these areas through the promotion of new creative industries.
 Creating new entrepreneurship and employment in the green and blue economy based upon innovation and sustainable development principles.
 Identifying, developing,ing and testing an Innovative Process for Urban development based on doughnut economy1.
 Experimenting a model of Sustainable Urban Metabolism based on entrepreneurial governance

This survey is designed to captures experts’ opinions regarding the main entrepreneurial ecosystem’s elements and functions (i.e., Capital, Business Support Services, Human Capital, Infrastructure, Knowledge Creation, and Entrepreneurial Culture). In addition, we look to know your opinion regarding the Connectedness between ecosystem actors and the impact of the current endeavors on entrepreneurial productivity and the overall economic performance.

We appreciate your participation and ensure that personal information will be anonymized; all given opinions will be kept secret and will only be used for the research purpose.

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