“Umniah – Safe and Respectful Workplaces” case study




This is the second of a three-part case study under the Mashreq gender facility (MGF) partnership with intaj and Jordanian national commission for women (JNCW) to highlight forward-thinking companies and inspire other businesses to design more gender-aware environments based on models that work.

“The Business Case for Investing in Women’s Employment in Jordan Case Study : Umniah – Safe and Respectful Workplaces”, that has just been published on the MGF website in both Arabic and English.

Safe and respectful workplaces – free from sexual harassment, as well as bullying and other inappropriate behavior – are essential for securing higher levels of women’s economic participation in Jordan.

This case study focuses on Umniah’s pioneering efforts to create a safe workplace for all of its employees, and measures to address sexual harassment, including the early introduction of a clear and comprehensive policy and mandatory training for all employees.

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