Vertical Markets in the 5G Era: A Global and Regional Assessment of the 5G Resonance Across a Multitude of Sectors.


Arab Advisors Group released a new series of reports investigating the impact of 5G on vertical markets. The series focuses on the response of emerging verticals to the promises of 5G. These markets are: Digital Payments, Education, Gaming, and Streaming. The reports focus on a selection of MENA providers, global providers, and telecom-based providers in the MENA region.

In an era of 5G connections, vertical markets are witnessing an uplift in popularity. 5G catalyzes the reshaping of vertical markets, some of which were once limited by 3G/4G connectivity. Emerging 5G networks and its promised benefits are influencing various vertical markets such as digital payments, education, gaming, and streaming sectors. For instance, 5G networks impacted payment methods, leading to digital retail experiences such as zero-touch checkout; creating unprecedented experiences for shoppers. Furthermore, 5G alongside artificial intelligence (“AI”), virtual reality (“VR”), and augmented reality (“AR”) are emerging in the field of education, gaming, and streaming.

5G’s promised low latency and ultra-high speed facilitate the development of unprecedented solutions. These characteristics are best demonstrated in immersive gaming experiences and real-time streaming. 5G allows massive transition of game processing to the cloud, granting gamers mobility and flexibility, which in return enhance the overall gaming experience. Additionally, 5G best serves real-time streaming by allowing the delivery of content at low latency, with minimal quality degradation.

As part of its continuous reliable primary research-based analysis, Arab Advisors Group released this series answering the following questions:

  • How do digital payments, education, gaming, and streaming providers in the MENA region compare to global counterparts with reference to features, business models, and fees?
  • What digital payments, education, gaming, and streaming services are MENA’s telecom operators offering? and how are telcos exploiting their 5G networks towards 5G-enabled services?
  • What measures are telecom stakeholders taking in efforts to reshape the digital payments, education, gaming, and streaming sectors?
  • How do fees, features, and business models of digital payments, education, gaming, and streaming services offered by telecom operators compare to those of vertical market providers?
  • Does the MENA region have sufficient events on the aforementioned vertical markets?

5G aids the divergence of telecom operators’ services towards non-telecom ones, as we see telcos penetrating vertical markets such as digital payments, education, gaming, and streaming. Telecom operators are offering these novel services as part of their traditional telecom services or in individual plans. Nevertheless, the adoption of vertical services among telecom operators in MENA is humble, manifested by Arab Advisors Group’s findings in this new series. For instance, 58% of telcos across 19 Arab countries offered gaming services, while around 21% of the same telcos analyzed offered e-education services. The adoption of audio and video streaming services among MENA’s telecom operators is closer to the adoption of gaming services; 53% of the telecom operators offered audio and/or video streaming services. Most notably, 68% of MENA’s telecom operators adopted digital payments services.

Arab Advisors Group will be releasing a new report series with a focus on each GCC country. The series, The 5G Handbook, will overview 5G services on an operator level, frequency bands utilized, and collaborations with telecom vendors to launch 5G. Additionally, Arab Advisors Group will examine 5G monetization by telecom operators, alongside disclosed benefits of 5G. Lastly, the series will shed the light on governmental support in each country towards successful launches.

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The reports were released to Arab Advisors Group’s subscribers and can be purchased individually for a fee of:

  • Vertical Markets in the 5G Era: Digital Payments – US$ 6,000
  • Vertical Markets in the 5G Era: E-Education US$ 6,500
  • Vertical Markets in the 5G Era: Gaming – US$ 6,000
  • Vertical Markets in the 5G Era: Streaming – US$ 5,500

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