WB Market Study and Positioning Strategy


The World Bank Group’s (WBG) is conducting a  Market Study and Positioning Strategy for Jordanian Women Entrepreneurs. This study is part of the activities of the WBG’s Mashreq Gender Facility (MGF), which is a five year (2019-2024) technical assistance facility launched by the WBG in collaboration with the Governments of Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan to close economic gender gaps and is supported by Canada and Norway.

The WBG has commissioned Expectation State to conduct the study to map the female entrepreneurship space in Jordan and identify emerging global and regional consumer and demand trends for Women Owned and Led Businesses (WOLBs) to tap into by exporting. This study aims to  improve Jordanian women’s economic opportunities through improving their access to entrepreneurship and export opportunities, access to labour market, identification of industries that provide good working conditions for women in the Jordanian economy.
This study will result in the design of future programmes including the formation of an export hub which will help provide direct support to Jordanian WOLBs and Women Entrepreneurs to potentially be able to target new regional and international markets.

By participating in this survey you will contribute, in the framework of our participatory approach, to designing the support program and achieving its objectives. We value and appreciate your time and contribution. The survey is expected to take around 10-15 minutes. Study outcomes and results will be shared by the WBG.

we cordially invite you to participate in this survey. The survey is expected to take between 10-15 minutes. We highly appreciate filling out the survey by the 2nd of July.

Your contribution will be a catalyst to improve women’s economic contribution and enhance WOLBs and WEs’ export potential and access to new markets.