Xpand Conference 2024


We are delighted to invite you to take part in the Xpand Conference, the largest international software development conference in the MENA region, taking place at King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center- the Dead Sea, on 11th & 12th May 2024. (Full day event)

Xpand Software Development Conference is focused on gathering the best of MENA’s software community for a deep dive into the latest topics and trends in the field of software development.

The conference is designed to help software and product professionals stay on top of the rapidly-changing technology landscape. This includes developers, architects, product managers, team leads and CTOs, across any company size or stage.

In this day and age, technology has become imperative to our everyday lives and ever- more-so is acting as a fundamental catalyst for economic growth.

As such, stakeholders across all industries are impacted by these technological advancements and are racing to ride the wave of digitization; from entrepreneurs, investors, policy-makers, educators, corporate giants, banks, to many other stakeholders. However, not enough conversations are catering to those building these technology solutions; those who we like to call ‘the builder community’.

This is the essence of Xpand Conference; a community for tech talent to learn the latest topics and skills from world-class technology experts, share experiences with like-minded professionals, connect with leading technology corporations and ambitious startup founders, and ultimately elevate their work, and in turn the software products of the Middle East.

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Accommodations options: Hilton stays for a special rate for Xpand attendees, details here.

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