Digital transformation in Jordan over the years have been integrating digital technologies, strategies and innovations across various sectors of the country’s economy and society. Since the implementation of The National Digital Transformation Strategy, Jordan has been actively working towards leveraging technology to enhance economic growth, improve public services and elevate the overall quality of life for its citizens. The country’s efforts to embrace technology have gradually shaped a more connected and technologically advanced society and the opportunities remain limitless.

Over the years, the government has launched various digital initiatives by seizing all opportunities to deploy digital technologies across sectors with the aim at modernizing infrastructure, enhancing public services, fostering innovation and improving the overall economic landscape for Jordan. As Jordan continues to leverage digital tools and strategies to enhance overall quality of life for its citizen, join us at the 4th Digital Transformation Jordan to further enhance opportunities for digital transformation, digital economy and entrepreneurship in Jordan. We bring together over 400 senior government officials, digitalization leaders, project owners and emerging technologies experts to continue to understand the major drivers for development and to find new solutions for all critical sectors to not only survive but thrive in the current landscape. The event will discuss the unique technology capabilities being adopted to innovate faster and enhance flexibility along with agility and scalability.