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Students elsewhere in developed countries find employment in the areas of their majors and continue to improve their career prospects when they take targeted certificates and/or postgraduate courses. The situation is entirely different in Jordan. Most graduates cannot find work in their area of specialization. This is due to the fact that universities are not successful in providing practical and significant applications for their teaching.

A key factor of success is related to the opportunities given to students to collaborate to find practical uses for the knowledge and skills in their courses; to find graduate-level jobs; then to continue to learn, polishing their skills and updating their knowledge. This adds to their employability and to their capacity to set up their own businesses.

One of the main pillars of Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II Technical University (HTU) is to foster entrepreneurship and business acceleration. HTU’s policy is centered on enhancing engagement with industry and enhancing commercialization potential.

The proposed workshop aims at identifying venues of collaboration to better understand industry challenges; devise potential frameworks to accelerate learning, innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization; and provide practical implications for an in-campus innovation ecosystem that can enrich innovation experiences and increase the professional resources for Jordan’s creative business leaders.

Organized by:

  • Information Technology Association in Jordan (Int@J)
  • Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II Technical University


Under the auspices of:

  • The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology