3D and VR in Insurance Training Course


True Markets 3D, is excited to be the FIRST to offer transformative knowledge to you and introduce a Complimentary training course about the application of 3D/Virtual Reality in the world of insurance and facility management, brought to you as a joined collaboration with our esteemed partners M/S ITQAN Insurance Brokers and Consultants, the course is taking place at True Markets 3D training center on November/2023 for one working day, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. (details will follow soon)

Here’s what we will explore in this course:

What is 3D Virtual Reality? 3D VR is a digital representation of a physical space using 3D scanning technology. It can create 3D models and virtual tours.

What are the Main Features of 3D VR?

Application of 3D VR in Insurance

How you Can apply 3D VR to your own business.

Attending this course equips you with the skills to unlock the potential of VR and, transform the way we approach insurance, it is designed to help you:
•Access Cutting-Edge Knowledge: by understanding the applications of 3D and VR technology and how it will transform the insurance industry.
•Save Cost and Time: By adopting 3D and VR, you can reduce costs and save time by:
o Getting a complete record of your property’s condition.
o Accurate inventory of your assets.
o Reduces disputes with the Insurance Company.
o Speeds up settlements.
o helps you identify risks and enhance loss prevention.

• Who can attend?
This course is open to anyone involved in insurance, whether you are a business owner or someone how’s job falls under:
• CEO.
• Financial Department and CFO
• Procurement Department.
• Insurance Department.
• Audit Department
• Administration and Training
• Facility Management.

If you are interested to Join us to explore the exciting possibilities of technology in insurance, please book your seat via the following link :-