A tool to address the challenges faced after COVID 19


Whyise is happy to share with you a free solution for your organizations.

We wanted to share with you the insights we got from an anonymous survey we created to understand the impact of COVID 19 on our team, how we are addressing the challenges we are collectively facing and provide you with a tool to do the same!

We are experiencing better communication and collaboration as a team because we believe that when we made sure every team member is heard and took everyone’s wellbeing into account when making decisions, our team thrived.

We tested our tool on ourselves, and the anonymous feedback from the team allowed us to make informed decisions that continue to make the team comfortable and productive, and now we are sharing it with you all.

You can view some the insights and actions, access additional resources on how to improve employee wellbeing and register for free to use the tool here https://impact.whyise.com/registration/organisation/0

Once you register, you will receive an email with a link to the survey to share with your team (the survey takes 5 minutes to fill, and it can be filled in English or Arabic) and a link to access your organization’s dashboard to see the results as well as track progress over time if you chose to send the survey periodically.