The ‘ADVANCED DIGITAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT’ 3 Day Intensive Training Program , organized by General Computers & Electronics Company ,is ideal for Operative, Tactical as well as Strategic Decision Makers. All major functional areas are well served from within WEALTH MANAGEMENT, while multiple secondary target groups can learn a lot and engage in discussions related to current global best practices, leading trends and solutions.

‘ADVANCED DIGITAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT’ Training Program prepares you for the upcoming digital decade of wealth management, often called ‘WealthTech’.
+ Roboadvisory Best Practices
+ Automated Investment Products
+ Algocracy, AI, Big Data and Machine Learning in Wealth Management
+ Microinvestments and Microsavings rising
+ Disruptors and Challengers in Wealth Management
+ Discount Brokerages, the Robin Hood Effect, Social Trading, Copy Trading
+ New Asset Classes Rising: Crypto Currencies, CBDC, Securitized Crowdfunding, P2P Lending. Marketplace Lending, Data as an Asset Class
+ Strategies to Provide 21st Century Wealth Management Services: The Ecosystem Strategy, The Christensen Strategy, The Ambidextrous Strategy
+ Compliance, Regulatory Issues, Open Banking, Third Parties, APIs
+ Ethics, Fraud, Cybersecurity in WealthTech
+ Winning the Wealth Management Era of the Rising Generations of Millennials and GEN Z
+ New Channels: Beyond Smartphone, AR, VR, Voice and Intelligent Chatbots
+ Digital Wealth Management Product Development: Crowdsourcing, The Roger Scale, Network Effect, Privacy vs Data, Pretotyping, Loyalty, The Digital Lock in Effect
+ Longer Term Emerging Technologies: 5G, 6G, Quantum Computing, Spatial Computing, Transhumanism and Intelligent Machines

Out WORLD CLASS TRAINER, Mr David Gyori is the co-author of 5 books:
+ ‘The FinTech Book’ (Wiley & Sons, London, 2016)
+ ‘The WealthTech Book’ (Wiley & Sons, London, 2018)
+ ‘WealthTech: Wealth and Asset Management in the FinTech Age’ (IAP, USA, 2019)
+ ‘The PayTech Book’ (Wiley & Sons, London, 2020)
+ ‘The AI Book’ (Wiley & Sons, London, 2020)
David Gyori is also a ‘Top 50 Global Thought Leader and Influencer on FinTech’, Founding Member of World FinTech Association, Director of The Asian Banker Group, CEO of Banking Reports London and member of the panel of judges of multiple globally renowned banking and financial technology awards.

For registeration and more details, please feel free to contact with Amer Al-Najjar on 00962 777 397 728 , 00962 5513879 , , noting that the training fees are 550JDs and as an int@j member you will enjoy a 20% discount