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Some companies offer training options before employees are made permanent in their jobs. The training does not end before the job begins: It rather continues through online courses by brushing up concepts and new technologies. In fact, there are many advantages that an eLearning program can offer the companies AND their bottom line if they use online training.
If you’re on the fence about online training vs. traditional training, then read on about the
10 benefits of joining Tanweer Business Consultancy and Training Brain Marathon Online Platform!

1. Drastically Reduces Training Costs.
2. Online Training Courses Can Be Repurposed, Reused, And Revamped.
3. It’s in Arabic.
4. A large variety of courses to choose from (Below you can find our basic bundle).

  •     Problem Solving & Decision Making

  •     Critical Thinking

  •     Developing Creativity

  •     Teamwork & Team Building

  •     Emotional Intelligence

  •     Social Intelligence

  •     Negotiation Skills

  •     Assertiveness & Self Confidence

  •     Business Etiquette

  •     Adapt and overcome (Cognitive Flexibility)

5. You have better opportunities to concentrate.
6. Enjoy a flexible schedule.
7. It’s Eco-Friendly.
8. You can review course materials repeatedly.
9. Progress reports.
10. Detailed Tracking Improves Productivity, Performance, And Proficiency.

Join Brain Marathon Online Platform and enjoy a 25% discount As int@j member 

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