Business Transformation using Data Science Big Data Analytics and AI Applications Workshop


You are invited to take part in GCE’s upcoming Business Transformation using Data Science Big Data Analytics and AI Applications Workshop.’ From 08-10 March 2021

Data Science and Analytics are changing the world realizing the disruptive power of Data-Driven Digital AI-Enabled Transformation…Would you like to change the future? Are you looking for joining a very impressive and enjoyable skills building track in one of the most demanding global fields? Would you like to apply Data Science and Analytics in your R&D, solutions engineering, business applications, digital transformation? Are you interested in a ramp-up to acquire practical skills and know-ow step-by-step via examples? Join us in this interactive ramp-up technical workshop attached details to:

Realize the power of Data-Driven Digital AI-Enabled Transformation through global business use cases

Experience the Data Science & AI models and applications of methods, techniques and algorithms

Understand how to convert models into Analytics & AI Applications using Big Data technologies & platforms

Learn how customers’ projects are accomplished through Analytics Agile lifecycle implementation

Get mentored to apply those tools and techniques to your own project in lab practices

Find out how to develop a Lean Agile DevOps team in this filed via learning paths on open source offerings

Bring in your data and project idea to use in lab practices so you get advises on how to proceed with your business endeavor and develop data-driven solutions by examples using industry adapted business patterns, tools, languages and platforms!

attached is a brochure containing more details for your review.

Register by contacting Eng. Amer Al- Najjar on 00962 777 397 728 , 00962 5513879, email: anajar@GCE.COM.JO, Noting that As an int@j member you will get a 20% discount on the training fees 300JD