Complete Antifraud Solution for Online and Mobile Banking training Program


GCE is happy to invite you to participate in our ‘Complete Antifraud Solution for Online and Mobile Banking‘ online Training Program in cooperation with ThreatMark company

You can join our 3-Day Training Program from the 5th  to the 7th  of October, 2020 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

On each training day our online program begins at 11AM and learning is completed at 2PM attached the details

Our ‘Complete Antifraud Solution for Online and Mobile Banking’ Training Program will arm You with knowledge about malware fundamentals and insights into fraudsters’ work, including identification of the typical “point of entry” for fraud and malware. Additionally, the attendees will learn how to prevent the attacks & threats within a Layered Security methodology.

  • Understanding the terminology around cyber threats & malware
  • Understanding the techniques used by bad actors to infect your device
  • Ability to recognize malicious behavior on your device
  • See a live simulation of a MiTB attack with bad actor tracing in real-time
  • In-depth walkthrough with most common attack vectors
  • Review real-life showcase of web injection & mobile malware
  • Cunning malware evasion techniques and how malware is fighting against being detected
  • Getting an overview on how ThreatMark AFS layered security solution can help you protect your mobile and online banking

Our SENIOR TRAINER, Mr Lukas Jakubicek has more than 10 years of experience within IT and got strong security know-how by working with experts in cybersecurity in ThreatMark jointly building the next generation of anti-fraud solution for digital channels. Lukáš regularly trains banks’ fraud analysts and is working closely with members of ThreatMark’s Security Operation Center (SOC). This unique relationship provides him an excellent overview of the current threat’s landscape and allows him to keep up with the current cyber threats & prevention methods.

Be well prepared against the threats you are likely to be facing right now or in the near future, and register by contacting Eng. Amer Al- Najjar on 00962 777 397 728 , 00962 5513879, email: anajar@GCE.COM.JO, Noting that As an int@j member you will get a 20% discount on the training fees 450JD