Cybersecurity & IT Governance Workshop 2022


KPMG Academy in Jordan is pleased to announce the professional workshop of IT Governance & Cybersecurity program.

This program provides the information and knowledge necessary to prepare for further studies related to specialized security fields, in addition to a general introduction to Cyber Security and IT governance. Upon completion of the course, you will be expected to be able to identify security threats to computer networks, strengthen internal systems and services, distinguish between different types of malwares that may affect your system,  as well as having a basics concept of ethical hacking and distinguish between different types of hacking.

Regarding the IT Governance field you are expected to obtain the required knowledge about IT Governance, different frameworks of IT Governance, why is it important for an organization, and how to start implementing it.

register to attend HERE  noting that as int@j member you will get a 20% discount on registration rates